HeatSmart Program Results

We are happy to announce the results of the HeatSmart program, which  exceeded our expectations!   The program ran from March-August, 2018, using three selected installers: Achieve Renewables (Ground-source Heat Pumps), New England Ductless (Air-source Heat Pumps), and New Day Energy (Modern Wood Heat).  In many cases, residents chose other companies for their installation, though still received information and coaching through the program, and received the same equipment rebates.

  • Carlisle:
    • ASHP: 27 homes
    • GSHP: 8 homes
  • Concord:
    • ASHP: 61 homes
    • GSHP: 10 homes
  • Lincoln
    • ASHP: 30 homes
    • GSHP: 7 homes
  • Estimated greenhouse gas emission reductions annually are over 500 Tons CO2/year, which increases as electricity supply becomes more renewable with time.

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