The HeatSmart Alliance

The HeatSmart CCL Program in 2018 was a MassCEC & DOER pilot program to promote clean heating and cooling in three Massachusetts Towns: Concord, Carlisle & Lincoln.  Our group has been collaborating to provide resources to residents with clear paths and solutions to heat pumps and other technologies.

Announcing Two Community Events in June

In collaboration with Energize Wayland, the HeatSmart CCL group is hosting two community events on Climate-Friendly Home Heating and Cooling with Heat Pumps:

  • June 8th, 1:30pm – Concord Carlisle High School
  • June 11th, 7:00pm – Wayland Public Library

Both events will feature a presentation on heat pumps for your home, testimonials from some residents who have installed systems, and chance to ask questions of several vendors who install high quality Heat Pumps.

About this Website

This web-site is our continuing effort to provide information for the adoption of Air-Source heat Pump  (ASHP), Ground-Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) technology in our towns.  These technologies are some of the most significant steps to help our towns reduce their carbon foot prints and achieve town emissions reduction goals.

In the past decade heating and cooling technologies have improved to create much more efficient solutions to home heating approaches by residents. In many cases these newer systems are not very familiar to most residents. Our primary goal is to help residents from Concord, Carlisle and Lincoln to understand heat pumps and undertake ASHP, GSHP and HPWH projects to upgrade their home heating systems.

Each town has a designated contact to help residents assess their needs and answer questions about their home heating system choices.

Carlisle:         Bob Zogg :

Concord:      Brad Hubbard Nelson:

Lincoln:        Belinda Gingrich:

CMLP Liaison: Jan Aceti: